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The ElliptiGO 11R

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Short description

The ElliptiGO 11R is the top version of ElliptiGO’s elliptical models, whose frame is always the same. It differs from the other two long stride bikes (3C and 8C) in that it has carbon pedals instead of aluminum/ plastic, a foldable instead of just removable handlebar, improved equipment details and an 11-speed gearshift. The other two models have 8-speed (8C) or 3-speed (3C) gearshifts installed.

The technical data can be found on the websites of the manufacturer or the German importer.

I consider three gears to be not enough for serious training like a runner. That’s why I would recommend a 3C for leisurely rides, preferably in flat areas. However, the 8C can definitely be a cheaper alternative to the 11R. According to the manufacturer, the transmission range of the gearshift starts at 0.527 for the 8C and 11R and ends at 1.615 for the 8C and 2.153 for the 11R. The 11R’s three additional gears have more impact on faster rides than on maximum mountain climbing ability. Of course, the gradation of the gears in both models is different. What I find disadvantageous about the 3- and 8-speed gearshifts is that they have to be greased for maintenance and for this dismounted. With the Shimano Alfine 11 of the 11R, the oil is changed quite easily using a drain plug.

ElliptiGO 11R


In summary, the ElliptiGO 11R is the optimal training device for the road if joint protection is a priority. It is fast, climbs the hills well and strenuous enough to offer a very good training effect with minimal time expenditure. However, it is the most expensive of all ElliptGO models, requires a comparatively high level of maintenance and is significantly louder in operation than a classic bicycle. Outside, the driving noise can be an advantage because you are noticed earlier and have to ring the bell less often.

Operation and practice

Compared to stand up bikes, elliptical models are very different from conventional bikes. Guaranteed to make a lot of people turn around when they notice this unusual bike.

The small 20 inch wheels make it a bit wobbly at first. With a little practice, the elliptical bikes are easy and safe to ride, despite the different movement of the pedals.

Pedals and tracks

The pedals have so-called load wheels at the front that move on tracks and produce an operating noise that is significantly louder than with stand-up bikes and that you have to get used to, especially during indoor training.

ElliptiGO 11R

This design requires maintenance and is the reason why the 11R should not be used on unpaved roads if possible.

Foreign objects on the tracks are generally bad. Even a small petal that gets caught between wheels and tracks can cause rough rolling. Although it will be flat after a while, parts often remain stubbornly on the tracks. During times of year when a lot of leaves fall, I try to avoid long distances under trees as much as possible. I remove any foreign objects as soon as I notice them and always carry a small spatula in my handlebar bag, which is a perfect tool for this. To protect against injuries in the event of an accident, it is provided with edge protection during transport…

ElliptiGO 11R

Small stones or sand on the tracks should be avoided. That’s why, in my opinion, all three elliptical bikes are only suitable for the road. Short distances on an unpaved road are okay, but they make not really fun. There are videos on YouTube that show that it also works on unpaved roads, but a good motto for the long strides is “the better the road surface, the more pleasant the ride”.


I find the gear ratio of the Alfine 11 to be optimal for my hilly terrain. I ride up to 70 kilometers per training session and climb up to 1000 meters with some climbs in categories five and four…


The maximum gradients I have ridden with the ElliptiGO 11R so far have been around 20%. Reasonably fit people can do this well over a not too long distance. On the straight, the bike can reach a speed of 40 km/h and consistently over 30 km/h. I’ve driven over 50 km/h downhill without feeling like it was unsafe.

Some time ago I made a video of a typical training session with my 11R…

ElliptiGo 11R Tour um die Wahnbachtalsperre
Alternatively, use the link to the video on YouTube?

With all elliptical bikes, joint stress is minimal. By shifting gears sensibly, you can further reduce the strain on your knees on the hills. Therefore, as many gears as possible are of course an advantage.


My ElliptiGO 11R came standard with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires size ETRTO 40-406 | 20×1.50″. For me, these tires are ideal for the 11R on the road, and I drive them at approx. 6 bar. Once they are worn out, I will replace them with the same type.

Although these tires are not „unpuncturable“, I have not had a breakdown yet. If it ever happens, I always have a spare tube (Schwalbe SV7) and repair foam with me. The latter because I don’t want to remove the rear wheel on the go.

Since the tires are still original, I don’t know which tubes I currently use. But they have Sclaverand valves.

Maintenance and wear

The maintenance effort on the ElliptiGO 11R is significantly higher than on stand up bikes. The tracks and load wheels require regular care and since there is no automatic chain tensioner, the chain must be re-tensioned manually. There is a maintenance schedule and a list of torques in the instruction manual. In my opinion, the specified maintenance intervals – except changing the transmission oil – can be pushed back a little depending on the individual load.

There are a number of useful support videos on the manufacturer’s website that you can consult.

A suggestion for building a perfectly functioning maintenance stand, it is height adjustable, when working on the front wheel, simply add another case 😉 …

ElliptiGO 11R

Chain/ Chainring

Good care with regular cleaning and oiling is also recommended for the short chain of the 11R. Depending on how dirty it is, I do this at least every 200 kilometers.

As already mentioned, the chain has to be tensioned manually, which for me is necessary after an average of 300 kilometers, and even earlier on many hilly rides.

ElliptiGO 11R

With the help of manufacturer’s support video, tensioning is quick and easy. The only thing that is a bit fiddly is the adjustment of the brake pads after tensioning.

I use the chain until the 1mm side of a standard chain wear gauge just starts to fall through. This happened for the first time with my 11R after almost 1500 kilometers. I used the pre-configured spare part with 88 chain links from the German ElliptiGO online shop as a replacement. A Dutch retailer offers so-called „premium chains“ alternatives to standard chains that may last longer. But I haven’t tried this out yet.

The chainring of the 11R with a 130 mm diameter, five holes and 52 teeth is also available in the in the respective ElliptiGO online shops.

It is possible to increase the gear ratio of the 11R by using the larger 60-tooth SUB chainring, but then you will need a new chain. This makes the ElliptiGO faster, but it requires more energy. This affects the power required when driving uphill. On flat land this might be a good option, but in my hilly surroundings I am grateful to have first gear available with the gear ratio as standard.

Gearshift/ sprocket

The maintenance required for the Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearshift is limited to checking the adjustment and changing the oil. There are support videos for both.

I always check the adjustment when tensioning the chain. The first oil change is scheduled after 1,000 kilometers, and all subsequent oil changes are scheduled after every 2,000 kilometers. I use the original SG-S700 oil from Shimano. The same oil is used for cleaning as for operation. The ElliptiGO support video omits the actually obligatory cleaning. After filling the first 25 milliliters, I recommend moving the gearshift and shifting through all gears. You can also go for a short ride. Then drain the oil again and pour in the remaining 25 milliliters.

There are recommendations, as mentioned in the official ElliptiGO support video, to use the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 set as an alternative. This involves first cleaning with a flushing oil and then filling in the operating oil, which is slightly thinner than Shimano oil and is therefore more suitable for low outside temperatures. There are reports, that this oil sometimes leak out of the hub. Also, from a warranty perspective, the original is probably a better choice.

The expensive original syringe equipment is not needed for changing the oil. Cheap models from no-name suppliers can do this just as well…

ElliptiGO 11R

There is a manual from Shimano for maintenance work on the Alfine gear hubs.

The installed sprocket is standard for Shimano Nexus/ Alfine gear hubs. The 11R has one with 18 teeth, which should be available almost everywhere in bike shops if it needs changing.


Over the years the elliptical series has been equipped with V-brakes from various manufacturers, mine has brakes from Tektro…

ElliptiGO 11R

The brakes are standard, but sufficient. The brake pads need to be checked from time to time, but they last very long.

A support video shows how the brakes can be adjusted if necessary.

Track and Load wheels

These two components need to be well cleaned and maintained to function properly. I rub them after and usually before every ride with a clean, grease-free cloth. I have already mentioned that tightly foreign objects can be removed from the tracks with a narrow spatula.

ElliptiGO 11R

For intensive cleaning – about every 300 kilometers or as needed – I use Interflon Degreaser EM30+. The load wheels need friction on the tracks, so you shouldn’t think of greasing or oiling anything. In addition, dust and sand would be more likely to adhere to a grease layer. The Dutch retailer mentions that the Interflon Slide Wax Dry applies a dry layer that ensures less friction and wear in the long term and does not attract dirt. I have not yet tested the product.

Tracks and load wheels are wearing parts that need to be replaced at some point. The spare parts are available in the respective ElliptiGO online shops. Support videos on how to replace them are available. There is also a video that shows how to wax the tracks to reduce noise.

I cannot yet predict when I will have to replace the tracks. I will report about.

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