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Short description

The little stand up bike (SUB) is the cheapest and lightest ElliptiGO. Like the elliptical models, it has 20 inch wheels, but – like the RSUB – a crank, comparable to normal bicycles and an 8-speed derailleur.

It is apparently a discontinued model and is no longer available in the manufacturer’s online shop, but it is currently still available from the German importer and also from dealers in other European countries. The technical data can be viewed there. Successor models are the RSUB for the road and the MSUB for use on unpaved roads

ElliptiGO SUB


In summary, the SUB is the most compact and lightest of my three ElliptiGO. It can easily be taken with you in most cars if you remove the handlebars and front wheel. Furthermore, it is comparatively inexpensive and requires the least amount of maintenance. However, due to the lack of gear ratios, training on hilly terrain can put even more strain on the knees than is the case with the other two bikes.

For me, it’s a pity that the SUB will probably no longer exist in the future.

Operation and practice

The SUB can make a lot of fun, and you can achieve a very good training effect with it.

My routes are usually between 20 and 40 kilometers per training session, and I achieve up to 700 meters of ascent each time. That is exhausting enough for me.

As with the 11R, you initially feel a bit wobbly because of the small wheels. With a little practice, the SUB can be driven easily and safely, also on field and forest paths, especially because the pedaling is more familiar than with elliptical bikes.

At the end of March 2024, I swapped the SUB with my MSUB and will use it in a more flat and urban environment in the future. I will report on my experiences there.


Since I bought the SUB quite cheaply used as an alternative training device for the 11R, I don’t necessarily care about maximum value retention of the components when riding it, but rather about riding fun. I use it as a kind of gravel bike, often on dirt roads.

ElliptiGO SUB

With the 20 inch wheels and the lack of suspension, its off-road capabilities are of course not comparable to the MSUB. You should be careful and take it a little slower, especially on steep descents on unpaved paths. When in doubt, it’s better to push the bike uphill if the wheels start to spin or the lowest gear is not enough. The SUB off-road is a compromise. If you want an ElliptiGO that is more suitable for off-road use, you should choose a MSUB, even if this is also not designed for very wild off-road riding.

As part of the move of this bike to the city, I did more intensive maintenance and discovered that the rear-wheel bearing was damaged. More about this below in maintenance and wear.

Ultimately, the SUB doesn’t seem to be that robust.


In practice, I find the eight gears of the gearshift and its gear ratio just enough. On steep forest paths I miss at least one mountain gear ratio and the speed could be a bit faster on descents. But the gearshift is an all-rounder and should probably be enough for most SUB owners. On a straight road you can easily reach speeds of up to 25/30 km/h, and an average speed of around 20 km/h can be achieved even on hilly roads.


Instead of the serial tires, I wanted an all-round model that roll well on the road, have good grip on unpaved roads and accept a relatively low pressure so that it remain reasonably comfortable on rough roads despite the lack of suspension.

The range of available 20-inch tires is manageable. There are some for BMX bikes and many for kids bikes, usually without puncture protection. In the FAQ, the manufacturer recommends a maximum tire with of 20×1.5-1.75″.

After my research, there were still two models from Schwalbe left, the G-One Speed and the Marathon 365. Since the G-One Speed is much more expensive, I had read that it wears out quickly, and I don’t really like the small knobs, I ended up choosing the Marathon 365 in size ETRTO 40-406 | 20×1.50″. The Marathon 365 tires are actually all-season tires and intended for commuters who drive to work in any weather. With Green Guard equipment, they offer comparatively good puncture protection.

ElliptiGO SUB

I haven’t regretted the decision. The tires roll very well on asphalt and can handle almost any field or forest path, even steeper ones and even at higher speeds. However, with coarser gravel and loose stones, they reach their limits. The fact that they are quite narrow also contributes to this. A moderate speed is recommended, especially when descending on gravel roads.

Schwalbe specifies the pressure range as 3.0-6.0 bar. I ride at about 3.5 bar, which compensates for some of the shock on rugged trails, makes the ride more comfortable and reduces knee strain.

The tubes are Schwalbe SV7 with Sclaverand valves. I haven’t had a flat tire yet.

Maintenance and wear

The SUB is similar to normal bicycles in terms of maintenance and wear. Since it doesn’t have a suspension fork that requires maintenance, it’s the least maintenance-intensive of my three bikes.

There is a maintenance schedule in the operating instructions, although the actual intervals depend very much on driving behavior. A list of torques is also included in the manual.

The manufacturer’s support videos help with the work.

Chain/ Chainring

I clean and lubricate the chain on the SUB as needed, at least every 200 to 300 kilometers.

The chain on my SUB has reached the 1 mm wear limit after almost 1400 kilometers. I replaced it with a suitably configured replacement 114-link chain from the German ElliptiGO online shop. A two-piece master chain lock that can be opened and closed with any compatible chain pliers was included.

The SUB has a front chainring with 60 teeth and a 130 mm bolt circle for five arms. The chain is protected from falling off with a chainring guard on the outside and a chain keeper on the inside. My chain has never fallen off. There is a support video about adjusting the chain keeper. If the chainring is worn out, a replacement is available in the respective ElliptiGO online shops. By the way, the same chainring can be used to increase the gear range for the 8C or 11R.

Gearshift/ Cassette

The Altus RD-M310 rear derailleur is not one of Shimano’s top models, but it shifts extremely precisely and is surprisingly robust.

ElliptiGO SUB

It has a Shimano CS-HG41-8ao cassette, whose largest sprocket has 34 teeth (11-13-15-17-20-23-26-34T). The smallest 11T sprocket is loose and should be able to be purchased and replaced individually if necessary.

This cassette is dismantled and assembled using a standard, Shimano-compatible lock ring tool.

The rear derailleur and cassette are identical to those of the RSUB. Shimano has published technical documents on the components of the gearshift.


Similar to the Long Stride models, the brake installed depends on the model year. My SUB has the same standard Tektro V-brakes as my 11R and there is a sufficient brake performance of the SUB either.

ElliptiGO SUB

The brake pads need to be checked from time to time, but they last very long. A support video shows how the brakes can be adjusted.


After only a total of 1,800 kilometers – if the mileage information was given to me correctly from previous ownership – I noticed that the wheel bearing of the Pro Lite rear wheel hub had significant clearance and was also running a bit rough.

After disassembly, the cause was found to be a damaged bearing ball…

…and – as a result? – an asymmetrically worn cone nut on the cassette side…

The hub itself and the cone nut with dust cover on the other side were undamaged.

After replacing all bearing balls and the damaged cone nut, the wheel runs perfectly again.

I couldn’t find any original Pro Lite parts anywhere. However, it is an M10 axle with a standard length of 146 mm. Individual parts of the Shimano hollow axle for FH-M475 or certain M10 cone nuts from Shimano (e.g. for FH-A550/416/551/410) are suitable as replacements.

The rear hub bearing balls are standard 1/4 inch, 6.35 mm. Nine balls are needed for each side.

I also inspected, cleaned, re-greased and adjusted the front wheel hub, it showed no damage.

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