Kurzvergleich der ElliptiGO Modelle

Comparison of the ElliptiGO models

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The following description of the product families and the comparison of the ElliptiGO models should provide a first impression and an evaluation versus running. In the direct comparison, however, I limit myself to the ElliptiGO models that I own and with which I have my own experience.

The main difference between the two ElliptiGO product families is the movement when pedaling. This runs in a circle on stand up bikes (SUB, RSUB, MSUB), similar to normal bicycles. An elliptical orbit is described on the elliptical or long stride models (3C, 8C, 11R).

With a view to running, all ElliptiGO bikes allow training that is much gentler on the joints. From this point of view, in my experience, the elliptical models stand out positively from the stand up bikes, especially for longer workouts. The elliptical motion is closer to running than the circular orbit.

Stand up bikes

Technically, the stand up bikes are basically normal bicycles with a slightly different structure, a comparatively high handlebar and – of course – without a saddle…

ElliptiGO MSUB
ElliptiGO MSUB
ElliptiGO SUB
ElliptiGO SUB

Not shown here is the newer road model RSUB with 28 inch wheels (ETRTO 42-622), which has an identical frame to the MSUB but a rigid fork and the same gears as the SUB.

Elliptical bikes

The pedals on the elliptical models run on tracks. So they don’t really have much in common with a traditional bicycle…

ElliptiGO 11R
ElliptiGO 11R

Due to this construction, they are significantly more maintenance and care-intensive and also place higher demands on the condition of the subsoil.

This manufacturer video gives a good overview of the two product families…

ElliptiGO Elliptical Bikes vs. Stand Up Bikes
Alternatively, use the link to the video on YouTube?

More is described in my articles on the respective models (11R, MSUB and SUB).

Additional information, technical specifications, user manuals and instructional videos can be found on the websites of the manufacturer or the German importer.

There are also older ElliptiGO models. The ElliptiGO Arc can sometimes be found on the used market, but it was recalled by the manufacturer in 2021 due to a possible frame break. Therefore, used Arc should not be purchased if you plan to ride it.


My personal assessment comparing the models in my fleet, including an assessment compared to running, is as follows…

Joint protectiongoodgoodvery goodbad
Training effect (endurance)very high
very highvery highvery high
Training effect (strength)highhighhighlow
Training effortvery highvery highhighhigh
Versatilityhighvery highlowhigh
Mountain capabilitygoodvery goodvery goodindividually
Off-road capabilityokayvery goodhardlyindividually
Funhighvery highhighokay
Speedhighhighvery highlow
Rangehighhighvery highlow
Sports while travellingcomplexcomplexvery complexoptimal
Handlingquite easyeasymore difficultvery easy
Maintenance effortlowhighvery highnegligible
Costs (incl. maintenance)lowhighvery highmarginal

Advantages and disadvantages

Overall, across all bikes, I see the following key advantages and disadvantages of training with an ElliptiGO compared to running…


  • Joint and back protection
  • Greater range with the same amount of time, therefore more variety
  • Some core training included
  • Fun factor


  • Flexibility and spontaneity, e.g. when doing sports while travelling
  • Cost
  • Maintenance and care of the equipment
  • Greater risk of accidents

Startseite | English | Comparison of the ElliptiGO models

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